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Construction and Heavy equipment operations



Yellowknife Consulting Services educates employers and their workers about how to reduce common workplace risks and avoid costly and dangerous damage, injury, and environmental incidents. We offer in depth OSHA, Cal OSHA, DOT and EPA online training that is fun and engaging, created by experts with over 25 years of experience in the construction and environmental safety industry. Our consulting clients and students get the added benefit of learning from the hundreds of real-life safety and health investigations we have conducted for companies such as ARCO/BP, SHELL, ExxonMobil, and Ikea, in addition to the many other services we offer.

Our Services

Our Services

The leadership at Yellowknife Consulting Services has been keeping workers safe, employers competitive and the environment protected for over 25 years. Here are the many ways we assist our clients:

Risk Management Strategies

Managing risk is crucial for preventing costly setbacks and ensuring careful growth.

Cloud-Based Digital Forms

Let us help you seamlessly integrate your safety and compliance forms into a digital cloud-based platform. 

EH&S Program Documents

We offer you a variety of form templates for all types of permit required work. 

Field Audits/

Performing audits and inspections of your operations has many benefits, and we are ready to assist.

Employee Safety 

OSHA, Cal OSHA, DOT, EPA online employee safety trainings that are fun and engaging.

Health and Safety Plans

A high quality safety document can be generated from any location, and data is uploaded in real time to the cloud.

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A few of our happy clients

Terry knows more about health and safety and compliance than anyone I have ever worked with in our industry, which has been ~8 years. He is a hard working and diligent person, very knowledgeable and a great mentor in the environmental and construction industry.

J. Amar, Richard C. Slade & Associates

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