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Construction team conducting environmental safety planning on-site, reviewing blueprints and safety protocols to ensure compliance and protect the surrounding ecosystems and sensitive receptors.



  • Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS) 

  • OSHA HAZWOPER Supervisor Training (29 CFR 1910.120) 

  • CDPH Title 17 Lead Supervisor 

  • OSHA HAZWOPER 40-Hour Training (29 CFR 1910.120) 

  • OSHA HAZWOPER 8-Hour Refresher Training (29 CFR 1910.120) 

  • Worker Incident Prevention System (WIPS)


  • OSHA Competent Person [29 CFR 1926.32(f)] 

  • Electrical Safety 

  • Behavior Based Safety Developer 

  • American Red Cross CPR/First Aid 


  • OSHA Outreach Trainers Group 

  • Environmental Health & Safety Professionals 

  • OSHA Discussion & Support 

  • American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) 

As a corporate EH&S professional, Terry Dussault, Founder of Yellowknife Consulting Services, has been Southern California's top safety expert for over 25 years. Terry specializes in preparation and implementation training programs related to Cal OSHA and DOSH, EPA, and DOT regulations.

Terry has an extensive background in environmental compliance on a variety of projects including ones impacted with contamination from prior manufacturing and distribution operations. 

Prior to being a health and safety consultant, Terry accumulated 25 years’ experience as an EH&S professional on environmental remediation projects, manufacturing plants and aerospace.

Safety expert performing a job site safety assessment and inspection, ensuring compliance and hazard prevention in both general industry and construction environments.


Exide Residential Cleanup of 1100 Properties with Lead-Impacted Soil

Vernon, CA


Mr. Dussault provided environmental health and safety oversight for workers of the State-funded clean-up of lead-impacted residential properties caused by a former battery recycling plant. Implemented a site-specific Health and Safety plan, including excavation, waste disposal, and air monitoring protocols, to prevent harmful exposure to airborne Lead-dust by workers and residents. Some of the challenges involved hiring and training one hundred new workers as well as extremely limited space to perform work at each property.

Heavy Equipment Operator following proper safety protocols while using heavy equipment to remove contaminated soil.

Bioremediation of Perchlorate and VOCs at the Former Bermite Facility 

 Santa Clarita, CA 


Provided safety oversight for construction of a 5-acre treatment pad and underground piping, ensured safe operation of an on-site treatment system to mix and treat perchlorate impacted soils using special amendments. Daily activities were closely monitored, and project challenges included deep excavations, steep slopes, large equipment biological hazards, changing conditions, adverse weather, sensitive species, and potential for exposure. In total 1.2 billion pounds of soil was treated successfully over 5 years with no OSHA recordable incidents. Some of the challenges included onsite traffic control of up to thirty Rock Trucks simultaneously, steep slopes and rough terrain to name a few.

Environmental field technicians prepare to collect soil samples in Level B personal protective equipment.

Saugus Aquifer Groundwater Treatment Plant- Former Bermite Facility

Santa Clarita, CA 


Provided Health and Safety oversight on a regular basis during the installation of a large-scale Groundwater Pump and Treat System (GWPTS).  Safety observations and inspections were completed sporadically throughout the project.  Some of the key safety challenges included trenching across a remote mountain top and down the face of a mountainside for placement of groundwater extraction conveyance piping.  Special equipment and training were required for crews working on steep slopes.  Additionally, trenching beneath an active BNSF Railroad was conducted. Near miss reporting and investigations were completed, and the lessons learned shared during daily tailgate safety meetings. All work was executed successfully and without incident. 

Of utmost importance in preventing equipment accidents is scheduled inspections of critical safety devices before a failur occurs.

Goodyear Airship Operations Facility Maintenance and Development, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

 Carson, CA


Provided Health & Safety management for the site improvement project at the Goodyear Airship Operations Facility to make way for the new Wingfoot Two airship and a 9-story inflatable hangar on a 28-acre site, situated on a former landfill. The project was divided into two scopes of work: (1) Environmental Maintenance and (2) Airship Development. Major components of the project include irrigation system demolition, abandonment, and new installation; mass grading, placement of geotextile and geomembrane; three new water retention basins; cut and cover utility trench and pipe and conduit installation (excavation for 2,800 linear feet of trenching); vapor mitigation system and methane detection and alarm system installation; and site restoration. Mr. Dussault was responsible for all HSE field representatives and subcontractors who supported the field engineering solutions to Goodyear and ensuring safe compliance with strict city and county mandates for the former landfill site.  

Facility upgrades at Goodyear Airship Operations required a high level of safety oversight.

Above-Ground Storage Tank Decontamination & Demolition, Goodman

Santa Fe Springs, CA 


Provided Health & Safety program management for the decontamination and demolition of a large capacity aboveground storage tank, located on a former oil refinery site undergoing cleanup and preparation for commercial redevelopment. Previously, the 52-acre property contained 20 rusted oil tanks filled with wastewater that produced hundreds of complaints due to their foul odor. Mr. Dussault managed the team that treated, solidified, and removed residual liquids & sludge within the main slop tank interior. With the work defined as confined space operation, Mr. Dussault created the health and safety protocols to ensure compliance with Level B safety measures, such as positive pressure supplied air respirator and emergency response retrieval equipment. Among Mr. Dassault’s responsibilities were compliance with the local fire department and air district permitting agency for a site-specific odor control system, as well as a site-specific safety plan and a hazard analysis form for each activity. It was a successful and incident-free project.  

Skid Steers specially outfitted with breathing air  and emergency back up systems enable operators to complete complex work safely.

Oxy Petroleum Bolsa Chica Wetlands Project

Huntington Beach, CA 


Provided onsite Health and Safety daily during excavation and disposal of soil impacted with petroleum hydrocarbons and metals. Utilized sheet Pyle shoring to a depth of 30’ feet with no effect to a nearby high-pressure fuel pipeline. Aside from ensuring compliance with OSHA and client safety requirements, Dussault obtained the proper permits and maintained ongoing compliance with the State Fish and Wildlife Agency, SCAQMD, and  SARWQCB. Through a seasonal approach, the project was completed over several years without causing adverse effects to sensitive species. The project also went without workers' injuries.

A former 1930's oilfield is safely remediated of petroleum hydrocarbons and other contaminates.

Gulfstream Facility Decommissioning Project

 Long Beach, CA 


For two phases of the project, Mr. Dussault developed the site-specific Health and Safety Plan and provided ongoing consulting services. The first step in the project was to clean the interior paint booth ducts, followed by an excavation and remediation of soil that was contaminated with jet fuel

The Gulfstream facility closure in Log Beach, CA required a Site-Specific Health and Safety Plan and other support from Yellowknife Consulting Services.
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