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With Cloud-based-digital forms, you can manage your entire workplace safety program with mobile apps and the web. 

The process of creating forms and monitoring compliance starts here. Keeping your safety compliance requirements at your fingertips is easy. Create new safety forms or re-create existing ones from 16 types with a range of input fields. Upload your PDF documents and they'll be automatically sent to every worker's device, without the need for binders, which are expensive to produce. Form distribution and data collection is instant. Workers can access all your safety documents like Health and Safety Plans, tailgate forms, product SDS library, and more. No need to print, photocopy, and deliver to job sites.  The bulk uploading process is simple and saves valuable time. Data will never be lost due to either storage space or cell reception problems.

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Some of the other benefits include:

  • Stay organized with locations as forms are automatically filed and stored by location. 

  • View and search all forms signed at a location. 

  • Assign workers to specific locations. 

  • Manage which workers are assigned to specific locations in your account.

  • Forms are automatically timestamped and GPS-enabled for precise record keeping.

  • Real-time tracking of worker arrivals and departures is available to system administrators.

  • No waiting to collect completed forms from workers as forms are immediately available. 

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